Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

Support for Constituents: Workers, Small Business, and Students

Published on March 20, 2020

Dear friends,

Covid-19 has provided many challenges to our community, constituents and businesses.  It’s in times like these that must come together and demonstrate the best of our Canadian values.  As the situation remains fluid, there are still many unanswered questions that people have and we continue to endeavor to provide the most current and accurate information available at the time.

We know our community is strong, and my team remains focused on getting you the support to make it through these difficult and unprecedented times together.

We have heard a number of reoccurring issues in the community, and would like to ensure that anyone in need of support has access to the resources available.  As the situation unfolds, my team will not only strive to keep you informed, but advocate for adequate and timely support from the provincial government.

We encourage you to share this information with someone you may know in need of support, or contact our office at 519 776 6420 or email [email protected].

Here is a list of common concerns from the community and the information available at this time.  We will continue to update the community as more information becomes available.

Taras Natyshak

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

  • Yesterday's Federal announcement included some new funding for small and medium sized businesses, we continue to advocate for parallel Provincial protections.
  • For available funding go to: http://innovation.canada.ca/
  • Follow the link and answer the questions for information on programs available for small and medium sized businesses to meet your business’ needs.

Self Employed Workers, Contract Employees, Students

  • Some workers who previously would not qualify for EI now will.
  • Criteria for eligibility continues to evolve.
  • We encourage any worker who is experiencing a loss of income to apply for the new EI benefit and OW as soon as possible.
  • We encourage workers to signup for a MyCRA/MyService account online, enroll in direct deposit, and ensure your income taxes are up to date (2018 tax year).
  • UFILE is a partner with the CRA. Households who meet the CRA's low income threshold and students can file at no cost.

Non-Profits Offering Support to Vulnerable Populations.

  • The federal government stimulus announcement included some income support for non-profits, this is still evolving.
  • Follow the http://innovation.canada.ca/link and fill out the questionnaire for the most up to date information on available supports.

Construction Workers

  • We are waiting on the Provincial government to provide clarity.
  • Liuna has put together this resource for workers.

Renewal of Health Cards

  • We are advocating to ensure that every eligible Ontarian will still be covered by OHIP and not being penalized if it expires during the State of Emergency.

Business Disruption Insurance.

Service Users and Workers at: LCBOs/Cannabis Dispensaries/Safe-Injection sites?

  • Workers deserve to be as safe as possible, and service users whose health would be put at risk by loss of access are a concern.
  • Our team is working closely with the stakeholder relations
  • OPSEU has put together this resource for workers.