Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

Put Leamington Ketchup on the Table at Queen’s Park

We the undersigned petition the Legislature as follows:

Whereas supporting the Agri Food Industry is good economics, good environmental policy and social practice,

Whereas The Ontario Legislature has a rich history of promoting Ontario products such as Craft beer, Ontario wine, fruits and vegetables and,

Whereas the ketchup being served in the dining room and cafeteria at Queen’s Park is currently not an Ontario product and,

Whereas French’s Ketchup proudly uses Tomatoes grown in Leamington Ontario, and

Whereas the promotion of French’s Ketchup would greatly support local tomato producers, local workers and communities across Essex County,

Therefore be it resolved that the Speaker direct the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, as part of its Procurement Policy direct Dana Hospitality to exclusively serve Leamington French’s Ketchup.

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