Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

NDP calls on Ford to disclose details of Conservative insider’s pay package

Published on September 5, 2019

ESSEX — NDP Ethics and Accountability critic Taras Natyshak says Doug Ford needs to tell the people of Ontario how much public money Conservative strategist Jenni Byrne will be pocketing following her six-month gravy train stint at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

Ford gave Byrne, his close ally, a position at the OEB last February — a position for which she did not meet the posted qualifications. After just eight months, she’s quitting so that she can work for Conservative candidates in the upcoming federal campaign.

“Doug Ford gave Jenni Byrne a gravy train appointment that looks like it was set up to benefit her, and the Conservative Party — not the people of Ontario,” said Natyshak. “Now we all deserve too know if Ford’s decision to tide her over between her gig in his office and her gig with his party will also cost Ontario a mint in severance or other entitlements.”

Byrne was being paid about $197,000 a year at the OEB. Provincial regulations define order-in-council appointees, including Byrne during her time at the OEB, as specially restricted public servants, which restricts their participation in partisan political activities while holding their office.