Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

Natyshak: Small businesses in Essex are shutting down while Ford sides with big box retailers

Published on December 23, 2020

ESSEX – NDP MPP Taras Natyshak (Essex) says more small businesses in Essex are now in dire straits and on the verge of shutting down forever as COVID-19 and Doug Ford’s uneven lockdown has left them struggling to survive. Natyshak is urging the Ford government to provide urgent financial supports for small businesses in Essex County – including ongoing supports to get them through the pandemic, instead of a one-time payment.

“Big box stores’ cash registers are filling up with sales at the expense of the mom and pop businesses in every municipality in Essex County. This is fundamentally unfair,” says Natyshak. “This unfair and uneven lockdown shows the premier is looking out for the big multinationals, and the little guy is going to pay for it, again. It appears that the CEOs of the big box retailers have the premier’s ear while the needs of small business owners and local entrepreneurs go unheard.”

Natyshak is listening to small business owners every day who are telling him the small, one-time support they’ve been told to apply for won’t be nearly enough to help them stay afloat and keep their workers on the payroll.

“Doug Ford has shut down our local stores, owned by local people, while letting the likes of Walmart take their business and rake in more profits. Our Main Streets, the backbones of our communities, may be lost forever unless we do much more to save them,” said Natyshak.

Since April, the NDP has been pushing for a Save Main Street plan throughout the pandemic. The plan as Andrea Horwath and the NDP laid it out would provide rent support for small business, money to help with PPE and setting up remote work operations, and more.

“I urge Doug Ford to implement our Save Main Street plan to ensure small businesses won’t lose their livelihood while doing the right thing to help protect our community in Windsor-Essex.”