Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

MPP Natyshak to Premier Ford: Delaying the widening of Highway 3 puts Southwestern Ontario families at risk

Published on August 21, 2018

ESSEX – NDP MPP Taras Natyshak is calling foul on the Ford government’s move to delay a decision about widening the remaining sections of highway 3 for at least two years. Natyshak says that any further delays threaten the lives of families driving this highway each and every day. 

“Enough is enough – people in Southwestern Ontario have been more than patient but we simply can’t afford to wait any longer to see highway 3 widened, said Natyshak. “We waited for years, as the Liberals made empty promise after empty promise – their legacy is never completing a highway named after their own Bruce Crozier. Now, Doug Ford is doing even more damage by punting the future of highway 3 even further down the road. Southwestern Ontario families deserve so much better than this.”

At a campaign stop in Kingsville last May, Doug Ford promised to address Highway 3 immediately but yesterday, a delegation of local representatives were told that the Ford government will wait at least two years before deciding the future of highway 3.

First elected in 2011, Natyshak continuously called on the Wynne Liberals to finally make good on a longstanding commitment to widen highway 3. With Doug Ford now casting aside Southwestern Ontario families, Natyshak said he will continue to work with families and press the government to finally make road safety in Southwestern Ontario a priority.

“Year over year, we hear about fatalities on this stretch of highway. We read about our friends, neighbours and loved ones who were in accidents travelling from Essex to Leamington. More and more, agribusinesses and greenhouses rely on this highway to get products to markets, further increasing traffic volumes and risks to motorists. We need highway 3 widened now. Punting a decision on this project even further down is a step backwards in highway safety and will hurt families and businesses in the Southwest.”