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August 28, 2019

NDP MPPs for Windsor-Essex condemn hateful, racist vandalism

WINDSOR-ESSEX — NDP MPPs Lisa Gretzky (Windsor West), Percy Hatfield (Windsor-Tecumseh) and Taras Natyshak (Essex) released the following statement after reports of racist vandalism in Windsor toda... More
August 21, 2019

Hidden mandate letters show Ford fighting to keep schemes in backrooms

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP MPP Taras Natyshak (Essex) issued the following statement in response to a blog post by Brian Beamish, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. In his blog, Beamish outli... More
August 12, 2019

NDP: Ford must keep his word on widening Highway 3

ESSEX — “People in Essex County have been calling for the widening of Highway 3 for years. They have been forced to wait as the Liberals failed to complete the widening of this dangerous highway, a... More
July 18, 2019

NDP calls on Ford to fire PC MPPs on appointments review committee

QUEEN’S PARK — While Doug Ford was handing out appointments to cronies, some PC MPPs were undermining the committee tasked with reviewing those appointments. Now the NDP wants Ford to remove his MP... More
July 8, 2019

Doug Ford passes the buck in Cowtown: Statement

ESSEX –  Ontario NDP MPP Taras Natyshak (Essex) issued the following statement: “Doug Ford has been hiding out instead of taking responsibility for the patronage appointment scandal that has rocked... More
June 26, 2019

Ford gives 31 Conservative MPPs a 14% pay hike

QUEEN’S PARK —  Doug Ford has nearly doubled the number of parliamentary assistants giving 31 MPPs a 14 per cent pay hike while firing education and health care workers. Doug Ford appointed 31 Cons... More
June 25, 2019

Phillips gifts patronage appointment to business partner, donor on Day 1

QUEEN’S PARK — In one of his first acts as Finance Minister, Rod Phillips appointed one of his major donors and long-time business partner Neil Selfe to the Investment Management Corporation of Ont... More
June 25, 2019

Gravy train doesn’t stop: Doug Ford appointed Dean French’s niece to Ontario’s Public Accountants Council

QUEEN’S PARK — Yet another sneaky appointment for friends and family, Doug Ford quietly appointed Dean French’s niece, Katherine Pal, to the Public Accountants Council. The government did not annou... More
June 21, 2019

Ford busted sweeping plum friend-and-family appointments under the rug

QUEEN’S PARK — Doug Ford has been busted trying to quietly slip first-class gravy train tickets to friends and family, and he is now trying to sweep the mess under the rug. "For Doug Ford to create... More