Taras Natyshak MPP, Essex

Government of Ontario

Ford busted sweeping plum friend-and-family appointments under the rug

Published on June 21, 2019

QUEEN’S PARK — Doug Ford has been busted trying to quietly slip first-class gravy train tickets to friends and family, and he is now trying to sweep the mess under the rug.

"For Doug Ford to create these posh international appointments for family and friends is gross. For him to try to sweep this under the rug when he's caught is disgusting,” said NDP MPP Taras Natyshak.

“On Thursday, the Ford government quietly appointed four Conservative insiders to six-figure jobs in exotic foreign locales – re-creating agents-general positions that were deemed unnecessary in the 1990s. The appointees included a relative of Dean French’s wife, Taylor Shields; Dean French’s son’s friend, Tyler Albrecht; Rob Ford’s former chief of staff Earl Provost; and the president of the Ontario PC Party Jag Badwal.

“Yesterday, the social media accounts of Tyler Albrecht were hidden from view in an obvious attempt to hide how inappropriate that choice was. Screen captures show the 2016 grad made liberal use of homophobic slurs and anti-women language on his account.

“The day after Ford fired 400 health care workers, he handed out tickets on the gravy train for his government’s friends and family. This is a new low.

“Doug Ford never does the right thing until he’s caught. This is Ron Taverner all over again."